Lyme Regis Harbour Lyme Regis Harbour Lyme Regis Harbour


Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) can be launched anywhere along the main beach.

SUP have permission to stay within the swim line area.  The swim line is marked with a series of yellow buoys which run from the North wall of the Cobb across the main beach, parallel to Marine Parade’ to Church Cove adjacent to the clock tower. The eastern end of the swim line is marked with an orange buoy.

Do not paddleboard in the harbour, across the Harbour Mouth or in the vicinity of the mooring pontoons. This is a very busy harbour which is in constant use throughout the day.

If you intend to paddle outside of the swim line please ensure you wear a personal buoyancy aid, carry a means of calling for help and let someone Know when you expect to return from your trip.

Be extremely cautious when the wind is blowing from the land to the sea (offshore wind) as kayaks can be quickly blown out to sea. Also make allowance for the likely tidal stream you will encounter during your trip.


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